Help Line For Homeowners Crashes

It’s another sign of the times in Michigan. Tuesday morning a new “help line” for Michigan homeowners facing foreclosure crashed on its very first day in operation.


Hard-Hit Homeowners Could Qualify For Help

Governor Granholm is touting a new state fund she says will help up to 17,000 Michigan homeowners avoid foreclosure. But you’ll need to lean on your lender to take advantage.


Help For Unemployed Homeowners

Are you unemployed and about to lose your home? There may be help for you. Michigan is sharing $154 million dollars with four other states in the country to help 17,000 homeowners keep their homes.


$154M For Struggling Mich. Homeowners

More than 17,000 Michigan homeowners could avoid foreclosure following the Obama administration’s approval of a plan to funnel $154 million in federal funds to the state.