The Lions Are Going To Win The Super Bowl...With the NFL Playoffs starting this weekend I know many of you out there wished, hoped, prayed that there was some alternate universe in which the Lions not only didn't have an abominable season , but actually made the playoffs.
Mike Valenti Reviews Madden 13Ah, Madden. The Franchise title for the ages. The cornerstone of all sports gaming.
Wooley's Reaction To The Madden 13 DemoWith the official release of Madden 13 just a week away I took the opportunity to download the demo on the Playstation 3 this week and have to admit I can’t wait for the game to hit stores shelves on August 28th!
Is The Madden Jinx Also A Team Jinx? History Says YesThis might come as a shocker; the Detroit Lions will not win the Super Bowl this season.
Calvin Johnson Is The Madden 13 Cover BoyThis is either going to make Lions fans really happy or really disappointed -- Calvin Johnson will grace the cover of Madden 13 after beating out the Panthers QB Cam Newton.
Cam Newton Calls Out Calvin JohnsonMadden 13 cover contest is ongoing and it's down to Cam Newton and Calvin Johnson.
Let Superman Top Megatron In Madden 13 To Keep Calvin SafeThe time has come for Detroit to unite and become one for our beloved Lions.
Time To Make The Madden Curse Come True -- For Green BayPlease do the Lions and Calvin Johnson a favor and vote A-Rod. He needs to knock off Calvin and get the cover so the Packers season goes downhill, and downhill fast.
Forget the Curse! I Want Calvin Johnson On The Cover Of Madden 13!Every year around this time we start to learn about the latest installment of Madden Football, with millions of fans waiting in anticipation for the August release.

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