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Big Brother Season 17 Episode 29 Recap: An Endurance To Return

By Mark Drum Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email As I predicted the houseguests and returning jury members would all compete in one endurance competition to battle it out for HOH and to return to the game. […]


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Big Brother Season 17 Episode 28 Recap: All The Zingle ZingBots

ZingBot has been upgraded from 3000 to 9000 and is newly “Zingle!” ZingBot also officially announced that he’s on twitter and can be followed @ZingBotOfficial.


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Big Brother Season 17 Episode 27 Recap: Time For A Betrayal

Judas makes a return this week as the number of houseguests continues to dwindle. But first, the battle for HOH was on its way when we last saw the houseguests.


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Big Brother Season 17 Episode 26 Recap: Becky’s Time Is Up

No surprise here, Liz’s target for the week, Becky Burgess the 27-year-old Retail Manager from Denver, Colorado was evicted by a unanimous vote.


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Big Brother Season 17 Episode 25 Recap: Liz Does Whatever She Wants

It’s Liz’s HOH and she’ll do whatever she wants!


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Big Brother Season 17 Episode 24 Recap: Sixth Sense Back In Power

All the emotions were felt on yesterday’s episode of Big Brother.


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Big Brother Season 17 Episode 23 Recap: A Double Eviction

We finally got our first of hopefully a couple double evictions for the summer.


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Big Brother 17 Episode 22 Recap: Becky’s Nearly Flawless Plan

Well this week seems to be going good for Becky. However Julie Chen reminds the houseguests, “Expect the unexpected.”


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Big Brother Season 17 Episode 21 Recap: Don’t Say The V Word

Looks like those in the middle are starting to make some moves. But first we left the houseguests in the middle of an endurance competition to determine this week’s HOH.


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Big Brother Season 17 Episode 20 Recap: Bye Bye Clay

Julie Chen made a surprise wardrobe addition yesterday by adding some new specs to her eyes, which surprised not only the houseguests but also myself included and probably many viewers at home.