Workers Demanding $15-An-Hour Wage Briefly Shut Down Detroit McDonald'sThey chanted: "Don't supersize our fries — supersize our wages."
Ronald McDonald Does The Whip And Nae Nae With Kids In DetroitThis clown has some moves! Drawing a crowd of kids and adults in front of a McDonald's restaurant on Grand River and Lahser in Detroit, the company's mascot danced and many joined in.
McDonald's To Offer All Day Breakfast Starting Oct. 6McDonald's is also working to improve its food by toasting buns longer and searing burgers to improve taste.
McDonald's Increases The Size Of The Quarter Pounder With CheeseMcDonald's is increasing the pre-cook weight of the Quarter Pounder with Cheese from four ounces to 4.25 ounces.
ICYMI: 'Together, Grimace, We Could Own This Town' Declares Trump In '02 McDonald's AdIn honor of Throwback Thursday, please enjoy this YouTube gem.
Anonymous McDonald's Manager Confirms Existence Of 'Secret Menu'An anonymous McDonald's manager hosted a Reddit chat over the weekend where curious minds inquired all sorts of strange things about the world's most famous fast food chain.
McDonald's All-Day Breakfast Getting Closer To DetroitMcDonald's is now offering all-day breakfast at participating restaurants in Nashville.
McDonald's Begins Serving Vernors In Detroit RestaurantsVernors is now available in nearly 30 Detroit McDonald's restaurants.
Monica Conyers Suing McDonald's Over Injured FingerNew Year's Day 2015 began on a down note for Monica Conyers according to a lawsuit filed on Thursday.
Woman Gets 3-7-Years For Shooting Over Bacon-Less BurgerAuthorities say 30-year-old Shaneka Torres became angry when the first burger she ordered at the restaurant's drive-up station was missing bacon.
Fast Food Workers Continue 'Fight For $15' During Protest At McDonald'sThree employees of a McDonald's restaurant in Detroit walked off the job Tuesday night in protest of low wages.
Fast Food Workers Continue To Protest After A 'Weak' Raise, Demand $15 An Hour And A Union"Their slogan is 'I'm Loving It.' We're not loving $9 ... $8 an hour. We're loving $15 and a union."