Gov. Snyder Gearing Up For Re-electionGovernor Rick Snyder will seek re-election... making it official on a tour across the state on Monday.
Carol Cain: Snyder Talks Italy, Germany And Detroit's Crisis“We have 76,000 open jobs right now in Michigan and we need to find better ways of having our people better trained for them,” Governor Rick Snyder said.
Ann Romney On Mitt: Women Would Vote For Him If They Knew Him“But, if for some reason I am not given that honor by the American public, I’d go back to business and do more with my sons..." Mitt Romney said.
Eric Thomas: Welcome Home, Mitt?Mitt Romney has four houses, all of them the size of shopping malls and not one of them in Michigan. But now that the Michigan GOP primary has turned out to be crucial, Mitt is standing in line at Slow’s and screwing Red Wings flags into all his campaign town cars.
Charlie Langton: Should The Public Know Which Companies Are Outsourcing Jobs?The bill would force companies to report how many employees they have and where they are employed.

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