'Jersey Shore' Cast Returns To TV For A ReunionThey're back.
Kanye West To Receive Vanguard Award At VMA'sWill anyone try to interrupt his acceptance speech?
Nicki Minaj Wardrobe Malfunction, And More Of 'What's Trending Today' With ZahraNicki Minaj is shrugging off her wardrobe malfunction at MTV's VMA's saying, "We ran out of time getting the dress zipped up."
Sharon Osbourne Regrets MTV ShowWould you open your life up completely to make big time coin?
Miley ... Oh, Miley There was outrage, but why? From what I saw this is par for the course for MTV and this awards show. It’s trash TV. She’s trash. A lot of people are saying this is why they wouldn’t let their kid into showbiz. Did it take this performance to do that.
MTV Ready To Put Virgins In The SpotlightWell, the keeping quiet part is old school - MTV is ready to put virgins in the spotlight with their new show.
MTV Cancels Jersey ShoreThere will be no more Gym, Tan or Laundry for MTV's incredibly successful Jersey Shore.
Karsch And Anderson Top Ten 8-2-11How did MTV celebrate it's 30th birthday?
MTV's "Real World" Open Casting CallMTV's the 'Real World' is holding a casting call in Ann Arbor Saturday.
Novi Trainer Stars In MTV Reality ShowA local trainer will be featured in Wednesday night's episode of a new MTV reality show, "I Used To Be Fat."
'White Stripes' Call It QuitsThe ground-breaking rock duo The White Stripes, which formed in Detroit in 1997, say it is splitting up and will make no new recordings or perform live.
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