Student Wants Traverse City To Accept Food Instead Of FinesKelsea Cole wants Traverse City to accept food donations for the needy when someone gets a parking ticket.
Increased Parking Fines Add To Financial Woes Of DetroitersThe new fines and fees for parking violations in the city of Detroit have some drivers seeing red ...
Civil Infractions Against 11 Detroit Cops Unveiled In Routine AuditThe Detroit police department says nearly a dozen officers are being investigated for possible misconduct.
The Pain Of Parking TicketsHave you lived or worked in an area where you were constantly racking up parking tickets?
Fine For Parking On The Street During Snow Emergency In Livonia DoublesThe measure to raise the fine was approved at Monday night's City Council meeting by a 6-to-1 vote.
Drug Overdose Killed Man Found In Ticketed PickupPolice say a 26-year-old man whose body was found two months ago inside a twice-ticketed pickup truck on a Kalamazoo street died of a heroin overdose.
Body Of Man Found In Pickup With 2 Parking TicketsPolice say the body of a 26-year-old man has been found inside a pickup truck in Kalamazoo that had two parking tickets on the vehicle.
Voters Ticketed, Cars Towed At Detroit Polling PlaceSome Detroiters went to vote on Tuesday and returned to their vehicles, only to find their cars had been towed.
Michigan's More Aggressive Parking Ticket Law In EffectThe State of Michigan is getting tougher on delinquent parking ticket offenders.
3 Unpaid Parking Tickets Could Stop DriversHere's another reason to pay your parking tickets: Your driver's license could be blocked.
Bill Targets Those With Unpaid Parking TicketsThe state Legislature has approved a bill that would make it tougher and more expensive for motorists who pile up unpaid parking tickets to get their driver's licenses renewed.
Parking Tickets Could Cause License ProblemsIt soon could be tougher and more expensive for Michigan motorists who pile up unpaid parking tickets to get their driver's licenses renewed.

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