Quack Pack

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‘Big Brother’ 14 Episode 28 Breakdown: ‘Mistified’ By Dan Gheesling

I couldn’t stop laughing when watching tonight’s episode of Big Brother! These newbies are so gullible towards Dan or as Britney dubbed “Mistified.”


(credit: cbs.com)

‘Big Brother’ 14 Episode 27 Breakdown: The Foursome Quack Pack

Forget about the Fierce Five, we’ve got the Foursome Quack Pack left in the house. I apparently can’t count or read series finale dates but we’re now left with three episodes left of this seasons Big Brother! Which means only three more breakdowns left from me.

CBS 62–09/13/2012

Big Brother 14 Episode 16 (Credit: Big Brother)

Big Brother 14 Episode 16 Breakdown: Quack Pack Sends Wil Packing

Can America’s Vote be to have Julie Chen go Beast Mode and enter the house to play the game?

CBS 62–08/17/2012