Self Driving Cars

High-Tech Cars Bring Detroit, Silicon Valley Face To FaceThe convergence of cars and computers is blurring the traditional geographical boundaries of both industries.
Google Self-Driving Cars To Hit The RoadGoogle's self-driving cars will soon leave the test track and will hit the streets in the company's California hometown.
While Michigan Ramps Up Technology, Google's Self-Driving Cars Crash 11 Times In CaliforniaRegulators in Nevada, Michigan and Florida told The Associated Press that they weren't aware of any accidents.
Are Self-Driving Cars Safe?Google says autonomous vehicles will eliminate human error.
Are Self-Driving Cars Legal?Autonomous vehicle developers are testing self-driving cars on public streets, but don't expect to buy your own just yet.
Study: Self-Driving Cars Would Eliminate Majority Of Traffic Deaths, CongestionIn some ways, computers make ideal drivers: They don't drink and then climb behind the wheel.
Consumers More Likely To Use Self-Driving Cars From Tech Firms, Not AutomakersHow disruptive will self-driving cars be to the automotive landscape? Well, consider the results of a new study from the accounting and business advisory firm KPMG LLP: Consumers appear more willing to use a self-driving car from tech companies over those from today's automakers.
Continental Tests Auto Driving CarsThe German auto supplier Continental said Friday that it had completed a two-week, 6,000-mile test of automatically driven cars in Nevada.
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