Prez Calls For Earmark Reform, GOP Calls For Ban

Confronting the nation’s mounting deficit, President Barack Obama is urging Congress to limit spending on pet home-state projects, while Republicans are challenging him to support an outright ban.


Campaign Finance Reports Due Today

Voters are about to learn which candidates are in the best shape heading into the final week before the Nov. 2 election.


Holiday Shoppers May Have Upper Hand

The Christmas shopping season doesn’t kick off for another six weeks, but retailers already are signaling they’re prepared to discount aggressively if needed to entice shoppers still skittish about spending.


State Budget Finalized

There will be no government shutdown in Michigan this year. State lawmakers wrapped up the final key pieces of the next state budget on Wednesday, without tax increases and with spending cuts in many programs […]


Report: Film Incentives Not A Sure Thing

Winning a tax break under Michigan’s moviemaking promotion program is far from a sure thing for those seeking the state subsidy.


Consumer Spending Rises

Americans spent last month at the fastest pace in four months, helped by a jump in demand for automobiles.


Saturday Addresses Focus On Iraq, Economy

President Barack Obama said the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from Iraq means “the war is ending” and Baghdad is in position “to chart its own course.”


Governor To Outline Budget Plan

Gov. Jennifer Granholm plans to lay out a revised spending plan for lawmakers Wednesday.


Stock Market Drops For Fourth Straight Day

The stock market has fallen for the fourth straight day after a mixed batch of readings on consumer spending contributed to a muddled picture of the economy.


The Feldman Report-A.M. 07/19

Are you a saver or a spender?