Ask A Detroit Expert: 5 Best Nutella Recipes

August 23, 2017 6:00 AM


Detroit isn’t just known for its football, basketball, baseball and hockey teams. Detroit is also home to a mecca of foodie adventures just waiting to be enjoyed. Here is a list of some of the best food bloggers in the Detroit area, along with their most tasty recipes involving Nutella.


Felesha Bell

Say Grace
saygraceblog.comFelesha Bell loves cooking and baking for her family. She loves it so much, she started Say Grace just to share all her wonderful treats with the world. Bell, a Tex-Mex foodie lover, is a praise & ballroom dancer who enjoys decorating, traveling and eating any food with chocolate or cheese!

Grilled Nutella & Cheese Croissant

Upon first look at this Nutella and cheese croissant, one will immediately think of chocolate strawberry cheesecake with its gooey buttery goodness. The delicious sandwich can be prepared for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as a treat! It’s super simple, so simple you’ll want to start experimenting with other flavors like blueberry, raspberry or even banana. Make yours in less than five minutes with a few simple ingredients: Nutella, fresh fruit, cream cheese and a croissant.

Becky Fixel
week99er.comBecky Fixel is a gluten-free Michigan blogger who hails from Detroit. Fixel, an interior designer and adjunct professor, started Week99er when she reached week 99 in unemployment benefits. Now her site has a team of reviewers and writers, but she’s the main source of all things foodie.

Hot Chocolate Mug Cake

When the weather is cold and dismal, this hot chocolate mug cake comes to the rescue. This recipe is a single serving, so if you need more than one, grab a few mugs and load them up. The hot chocolate mug cake is perfect for those nights when you are just craving chocolate and need a big mug of it all to yourself.

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Heidi Jo Phippen
Simplee Thrifty
simpleethrifty.comHeidi Jo is a thrifty Michigan blogger who’s on a mission to help save money for your family. Phippen, a mom to three boys, started Simplee Thrifty to help others save in a fun, thrifty way.

Nutella Iced Coffee

Looking to spice up your morning coffee routine? Well, look no further. With just a handful of ingredients, you can have coffeehouse style coffee right in your own kitchen. While this Nutella iced coffee recipe is for iced coffee, the same recipe can be warmed up for those who prefer a warmer beverage of choice.

Tatanisha Worthey
A Worthy Read
awortheyread.comTatanisha Worthey is a Michigan blogger who shares her home with her husband, their three sons and Boston Terrier, Goku. On the website, Worthey shares her inspiration to kick boredom to the curb! Tatanisha also shares food, family, travel and life hacks.

Nutella Oreo Brownie Bites

One look at these bad boys, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived your life without them. Or maybe you are actually wondering how fast you can make these so they can be enjoyed. Regular brownies will never look the same again once these Nutella Oreo brownies have been introduced into your life.

Melissa Buckles
Every Day Savvy
everydaysavvy.comMelissa Buckles is a Michigan blogger hailing from Metro Detroit. She’s a busy mom who loves shopping and travel. Buckles shares her love of bargain shopping, living life on a budget and living the very best life you can live on Every Day Savvy. If you’re thinking about food, she’s got a plethora of budget-friendly recipes including this “join me in my happy place” simple Nutella milkshake with sprinkles.

Simple Nutella Milkshake

A milkshake is a familiar treat that always seems best when mom makes it. It must be all the love she adds when you aren’t looking. But you can make some mom-love milkshakes at home, and they can taste just as good. Try this simple Nutella milkshake and test it out for yourself. Don’t forget the sprinkles. Sprinkles make everything better.

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