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November 22, 2011 3:37 PM

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A cheeseburger is one of the most simple, beautiful and loved symbols of America. It’s not fancy. It’s delicious. And, when done right, it features quality ingredients that leave you feeling satisfied. Here are some of our favorites including Miller’s Bar, Redcoat Tavern, JJ Fatts and more.
millersbar millersbarcom Best Burgers In Detroit


Miller’s Bar

23700 Michigan Ave.
Dearborn, MI 48124

It’s an old school bar, with a fantastic hamburger. Nothing fancy here, your burger comes on a piece of waxed paper, and fries or onion rings in a paper basket. You don’t need frills if you have a quality product, GQ named Miller’s one of the Best Burgers in America. You won’t be presented with a menu. The waitress will ask if you prefer a hamburger or cheeseburger, along with your choice of fries or onion rings. Condiments served on the side are ketchup, mustard, raw onion slices and pickles. No lettuce or tomato available. – Amy Bergin

Red Coat Tavern

31542 Woodward Ave
Royal Oak, MI 48073
(248) 549-0300

Redcoat Tavern has a huge following — pushing 10,000 Facebook fans and 4 out of 5 stars based on an unheard of 535 reviews, at the writing of this list, according to Google. The menu isn’t full of pre-determined burgers. Instead, you order your burger and add toppings. Watch out because the topping prices aren’t listed. Before you know it, you’ll have an $8-$10 burger. Some of the more unique options include burnt onions and smoked Gouda. If you’re wondering — the zip sauce is a reduced au jus and butter. Valet parking is available on occasion, but don’t forget to tip the attendant. They’re open ‘til 2 a.m. nightly, but closed on Sundays.

fiveguysburgersandfries fiveguyscom Best Burgers In Detroit


Five Guys

Multiple locations
508 Monroe St.
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 237-7777

Go with the Little Cheeseburger if you’ve got a normal appetite. It’s not locally founded, but they are worth mentioning. The burger is uncomplicated and the ingredients are fresh as can be. There are huge sacks of Idaho potatoes in the dining area to remind you. They only use fresh ground beef and nothing is ever frozen. The burgers only come well done. If you like it rare you’ll have to look elsewhere. They offer bulk peanuts to munch on in the dining room or while you wait for your order. Oh yeah, and the Cajun fries are fiery and delicious. – George Fox

baggerdaves baggerdavescom 300x225 Best Burgers In Detroit


Bagger Dave’s

26054 Novi Rd.
Novi, MI 48375-1137
(Located at Novi Road just North of Grand River)
Plus locations in Ann Arbor, Berkley and Brighton
(248) 374-3289

The burgers are terrific and the staff is very friendly. When you order your burger, they give you a check list of toppings, and you check off exactly what you want and hand the paper to your server. That’s a nice touch. They apparently have more than 30 toppings available. We recommend their sweet potato chips … very good. – Kris Kelly

jjfatts jjfattscom Best Burgers In Detroit


JJ Fatts

2626 Coolidge Hwy.
Berkley, MI 48072

A family owned restaurant in Berkley, MI.  Just about everything on the menu us great and that goes for the burgers as well. Very casual, made-to-order, friendly staff, excellent prices and really good food … definitely worth the trip! – Kris Kelly

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  • Jim Hess

    How can you talk burgers and not mention Red Coat Tavern. They are as good or better than Millars Bar.

    • Terry

      Never benn to Millers. Redcoat rules.

    • Ken Ellegood

      Sidetrack in Yipsilanti is better than all !

    • Slappy

      Are you an idiot? Look up at the list again, they even have pictures for you..

    • Drew

      i just went to the red coat tavern and the burger was great but millers was by far better. the sauce they but on the burger at the red coat tavern made the burger but millers doesn’t need a sauce to be the best

  • Chris

    I agree Red Coat has been serving our great hero’s from Beaumont Hospital for years, Red Coat is the best hambuger period!

  • Tokki

    Red Coat is overrated.

    • Terry

      Redcoat ia by far the best burger in Metro Detroit. It’s the sauce. Tasty as can be.

  • Ken

    When discussing Red Coat, it is very important to specify the location. The Red Coat located in Royal Oak, is by FAR the best burger you can get in the Detroit Area.

    I completely disagree with this list from top to bottom! Why on Earth would this list include not one, but two franchise/corporate Burger Joints? Bagger Daves is frozen garbage…no burger, just toppings. Five Guys tastes like you went to Wendy’s…nothing special at all. Bate’s Burger…really??…maybe if it was 4:00am and I was just getting home from the bar.

    This list is absolute garbage, and should not be considered when choosing a good Burger Joint. I promise, go to Red Coat Tavern, in Royal Oak (not W. Bloomfield)…and you will not be disappointed.

    • Terry

      Oh I like Five Guys. It’s the fries that make the place.

  • Martha

    Agree totally with Ken…Bagger Dave’s isn’t even edible. This is a totally fabricated list…maybe they just put a bunch of names in a hat and drew?

    • Ken

      Thank you, Martha. By chance, have you reviewed any of the other lists?? I think you may be on to something with your hat drawing idea!

    • Terry

      Crazy talk. I went there Saturday. Great as usual. It’s really hard to find a great French Fry in Metro Detroit. Bagger Dave’s have the best. Belgian style. Love them!

  • Adam

    What about the best burger in the state? Hands down Blimpey Burger in Ann Arbor. I have ate at all these places.

  • Bill

    Little Tony’s in the Woods is an omission. Best burger on the east side. Red Coat best in Metro Detroit.

  • TN

    Five Guys is awesome. I am glad we have them here in town now.
    I would make it my last meal.
    I do need to try Red Coat though. I keep hearing great things.
    And Noah’s in Dearborn is also terrific.
    I’ll have to go back to Millers. I was there once and thought it was good but not memorable. I should try again.
    Bagger Dave’s was very mediocre. I wouldn’t go back.

  • Barbara

    Hands down, Basement Burger Bar in Farmington. Don’t forget the sweet potato fries.

  • Karen St John

    Ypsilanti’s Sidetrack has one heckuva burger, too!

  • Herb

    Nemo’s Bar on Michigan Ave should have made the list. A burger, and beer from them and your ready for the Tigers, or Wings game.

  • Jon

    Wow, I can’t believe no one mentioned Culver’s on 12 Mile Madison Heights. Best burger in the State and awesome menu. I haven’t been to their other Michigan locations, but since they are a chain I would imagine the food is identical everywhere.

    • Patrick

      Yes, Culver’s menu is identical…identically terrible! They pound the $hit out of the burger until it’s wafer-thin and there is absolutely no flavor. I’d like to try Miller’s but since they don’t offer lettuce & tomato I’ll pass. Redcoat was OK, the atmosphere was too trendy though. Five Guys only serves ’em well-done? Gee, if I wanted a hockey puck I’d go to a Red Wings game! I’m willing to give Bagger Dave’s a try so no opinion on them. Other good burgers I’ve had are from Mason’s in Livonia and Hamlin Pub in Orion.

  • Jeff

    Miller’s is the best hands down!

  • Keith

    The title of this article is “Best Burgers in Detroit”. Of the five named, only one of them is in Detroit, and that’s a chain burger. If you want a great bar burger actually IN Detroit, go to Greenwich Time in Cadillac Square. Great and cheap. To me, Greenwich is the Lafayette Coney of burgers. Also, Anchor Bar, Sindbads, and Grand Trunk Pub have great burgers… Detroit.

  • Michael Dzikowski

    If you havent had a Buger at Burbon Steak in MGM Casino Detroit…seriously go treat yourself to a $14 burger that is well worth $30….

  • Jim

    The Motor City Bar on Joseph Campau in Hamtramck will give any of these a run for their money. And you’ll never finish an order of their fries by yourself, unbelievable food for the money! I’m not saying they’re any better than those above, except for Culvers….lol, but you definitely won’t be disappointed!

  • Dan Emery

    Best Burger ever is at Daly Burger on Plymouth rd.

  • Terry

    Bronco’s in Dearborn Has a real good Burger…

  • Andy H

    best burger by far for the money …Town Pump Tavern on Montcalm…1/2 pound burger craft beer fries $5…end of story

  • oatman

    Miller’s burger is one of the worst burgers I have eaten, I would rather eat at McDonald’s. Bun and beef are awful, never again will I subject myself to that so called burger.

    Try the Ted Burger at the Baltimore, not one of Detroit’s best, but damn good.

  • RMF


  • Rob

    Jaws Jumbo Burgers on 13 and Orchard Lake is the best and we’ve been to them all.

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