Best Places For A Cabin Weekend Near Detroit

November 1, 2014 8:00 AM

Michigan has some of the country’s best and most beautiful lakes. From the massive and legendary Great Lakes, to some of the tiniest inland lakes that only hold room for a select few cabins, to even a few right in Metro Detroit, the Mitten State is pockmarked with ’em all. People travel from all over the country throughout the warm months to take in our gorgeous Michigan splendor, but Michiganders know that the joy of a cabin is something that can also be enjoyed all year round. Here are some great cabins to check out no matter what time of year it is — alone, or with your family and friends.
cabin 1 Best Places For A Cabin Weekend Near Detroit

Crooked Lake offers some wonderful northern sights (Credit, Michael Ferro)

Crooked Lake
8071 Mystic Lake Dr.
Lake, MI 48632
(989) 544-2383

If you’re from the city and you’re not anxious to make a terribly long drive way out into the far wilderness, and would rather spend time in a cozy cabin than drive out to one on the road, Crooked Lake in the Pinckney area is just the right place for you. Located about 45 minutes from Detroit, Crooked Lake, and the many small surrounding lakes, offer visitors a beautiful place to stop and enjoy a rustic weekend. Crooked Lake is also known for its extensive hiking trails and great scenery, and the Pinckney Reservation Area is right nearby in case you need anything during your visit. Cabin rentals are available year round.

Higgins Lake
106 State Park Drive
Roscommon, MI 48653
(989) 821-6374

Smack dab in the northern center of the state lies Higgins Lake, consistently voted as one of the world’s most beautiful lakes. Higgins Lake is unlike most lakes in that it is extremely clear. This is due to the reservoir and high-quality water left behind after a receding glacier long ago. In recent years, Higgins Lake has been facing higher numbers of tourists and a booming economy, after the secret of being the “most beautiful lake” got out, but Michiganders are all the more thankful for it. Higgins Lake is absolutely worth the drive, and will transform you in so many ways. Cabins are available for rental and options are plentiful.

Tawas City
550 W. Lake St.
Tawas City, MI 48763
(989) 362-8688

Tawas City truly has the best of both worlds, whether you’re big into the Great Lakes or more into the woodsy scenery. To its east lies Lake Huron, one of the most lovely of the Great Lakes and a great spot to see boats passing north and south throughout much of the warm months. If it’s a colder time of year and you’re looking to do a little trail walking, Tawas has some incredible tree-laden lands to its west that can offer a spectacular outdoor experiences. Cabins are available year round, but boating and travel upon Lake Huron shuts down in the winter and late fall months.

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Boyne Falls and Boyne Mountain 
1 Boyne Mountain Road
Boyne Falls, MI 49713
(231) 549-6000

From a nice cold-weather getaway with the family during the peak months of winter, to a summertime blowout party with your best friends, Boyne Falls and Boyne Mountain can both provide the perfect cabin getaway weekend for whatever it is you have in mind. There are three- and four-bedroom cabins available for rental on top of Boyne Mountain, with easy access to skiing and hiking, as well as lakes and streams, making sure you’ll never be bored no matter what time of year it is. Be sure to call and reserve your cabin today and start planning your ultimate cabin weekend in one of Michigan’s most beautiful areas.

beach austin Best Places For A Cabin Weekend Near Detroit

Port Austin offers some amazing views of the local beaches and Lake Huron (Credit, Michael Ferro)

Port Austin
17 W. State St.
Port Austin, MI 48467
(989) 738-6808

Port Austin, which is located right at the tip of the “thumb” in Michigan’s “mitten,” is one of the area’s most scenic locations if you enjoy watching the massive and expansive Great Lakes. Many of the enormous freighters that pass through the Great Lakes must all make their way past Port Austin, down through Port Huron and on into the Detroit River. Port Austin offers a bevy of very affordable weekend cabins that families and groups of friends can rent. The surrounding city has a very “small town” feeling, which helps to keep the prices down for tourists, but also provides some much sought-after deals and available options, as well.

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