DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Keith At The Westland Shopping Center

May 14, 2012 3:00 AM

dyr detroit DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Keith At The Westland Shopping Center

“The things I like far outweigh the things I don’t like.”

The Ride
The Driver: Keith
Vehicle in Question: 2009 Ford Focus SES Coupe
Spotted at: Westland Shopping Center, Westland, MI 48185
Odometer: 40,500
Car’s Nickname: Amy Pond


Q: Hi Keith. What are we looking at here?

A: I’ve got a 2009 Ford Focus SES coupe. I got it last December. I bought it from a friend of the family who was the original owner. They got it with about 80 miles on it. They gave me a really good deal on it.

Q: If they bought it with 80 miles on it, how many were on it when you bought it?

A: When I bought it, it had 31,500. Now it’s at about 40,500. I drive a lot, about 300 miles a week because of work.

Q: You’ve put 9,000 on it in almost half a year?

A: That happens when you work multiple jobs. I drive more than most people. Usually I drive about 15,000 to 20,000 a year.

Q: What did you drive before this?

A: I had a 1999 Honda Accord. Before that I had a ‘95 Toyota Camry wagon.

Q: What made you choose a Ford Focus over another Honda?

A: I didn’t really have a choice when picking the Honda. I didn’t like it from the get-go. It was always needing one thing or another. It didn’t get anywhere near the gas mileage that the Focus gets.

Q: This car looks pretty fancy. I’m really digging those little accent lights that the cup holders have. What’s your favorite gadget on the car?

A: I really gotta say, the Ford Sync system is awesome. It’s awesome for controlling my phone or iPod while driving, all hands free. I can switch between USB and Bluetooth just by talking. It’s a much safer way to manage my things while driving.

Q: It seems that everything you have to say about this car is positive. Is there anything you don’t like about it?

A: Going from the Honda, I lost some storage space. The Honda was bigger. I was able to fit more in there. Sometimes it’s difficult to move equipment for work. It’s been interesting trying to fit some gear in here. The things I like far outweigh the things I don’t like.

Q: Any final thoughts, Keith?

A: I’d love to be able to customize the Sync system more. If I could choose the voice, that would be awesome. My car’s nickname is Amy Pond from Dr. Who, so if I could choose a Scottish woman’s voice, that’d be awesome.

Photos and interview by Don Gurka

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