ROMULUS (WWJ) – Michigan State Police continue to look into the use of drug forfeiture funds at the Romulus Police Department.

The Chief – Michael St. Andre – is currently on temporary administrative leave, although no charges have been filed.

Romulus Mayor Alan Lambert said his office and the police department are cooperating with the investigation.

“We’re fully cooperating. I just think after two-and-a-half years of investigation, I don’t know what they expect to find after looking for that long. If you haven’t found something by now, I don’t know what on earth it is they’re expecting to find,” he said.

Lambert also said he doesn’t think the raid on the police department in mid-March was necessary.

“Every time the state police have called us and said ‘we need this, we need that,’ we’ve opened our doors to them. They’ve been able to come and get whatever they thought they needed. And so, for this whole raid to have happened a couple of weeks ago, I don’t understand it, I don’t think it was necessary,” Lambert said.

Members of the city council said they hired an attorney to advise them in the issue, and that the attorney is representing the city as a whole.

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  1. B Ben says:

    Confiscation of private property by the government without due process is unconstitutional and the law should be repealed. Police should not be confiscating private property as it will lead to just this type of investigations when the funds are misused.

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