By Mark Drum
CBS Detroit Blogger

A new twist is revealed, the Doctor makes a visit, a houseguest feels blindsided and Julie Chen has a “home skillet?” It’s just another week in the Big Brother house. Tonight’s episode brought highs and lows that need to be broken-down.

Pillow Talk, Girl Talk & Pep Talk

Talking in the dark can be seen as a possible showmance? Silly Ian, for a superfan he really doesn’t know when people are just trying to pull his leg. For Danielle she heard the news about her crush (Shane) was possibly having a showmance with his teammate Jojo. I commend Danielle for finally playing the game, taking the gossip (by Ian) and spreading that in the house (to Janelle & Ashley). It was a ery nice job and it definitely did put a bigger target on Jojo. Janelle was right. People who have a showmance usually will stick until the final two. It cost the game for Janelle, twice and she doesn’t want that to happen to her players. For Dan, it helped him win unanimously.

It was nice to see some interactions from the ladies. The beginning felt male driven and now the ladies are getting some on camera time, even if it is talking about the men in the house. But I guess that’s girl talk, right?

Finally! Apep talk from the coaches to their houseguests! Do you think it was best for Dan to confess to Danielle about his coaching strategy? Or do you think he should have waited longer to see if Danielle would start making deals and fight for her safety? I think it was the right move, Danielle was feeling down and Dan needed to rebuild that trust with her. For Britney & Jojo, it just seemed more catty than a pep talk. Jojo was so stubborn and Britney was trying to give the best strategy for her player.

Back To Staten Island For Jojo

But in the end, Jojo Spatafora the 26 year old bartender was voted out by 5 to 1. I’m really glad to see the “Jersey Girl” go home. Jojo was floating back and forth to whoever had power in the house. Actions speak louder than words and for Jojo that was volumes. Jojo had a drawn out speech for her houseguests before the vote. While Danielle was classy, keping it short and to the point. My jaw had dropped when Shane decided to vote for Danielle to be evicted. I was screaming, “Stupid move! Stupid move!” I have a feeling that Shane’s vote will come back to bite him in the butt and we’ll see how Danielle will align herself in the game this week.

Dr. Will’s Breakdown Of The Coaches

I think I’ve made this clear. I’m not a fan of Boogie. I’m not a fan of Dr. Will or Chilltown. So when Dr. Will was rattling off his breakdown I wasn’t surprised at all when he believes Boogie and his team were the ones to beat. He did make some valid points though about the coaches on their weaknesses. Boogie does let his ego get in the way. Britney isn’t really coaching. Dan is a coach both in the house and in life. And this season Janelle needs to redeem herself from being a third place chump.

My Coaches Rankings

  1. Team Britney – Shane won POV (twice) and now is HOH for the next week. Even though she lost Jojo, she still has her strongest and only houseguest left on her team.
  2. Team Dan – Danielle was spared from elimination and I think is in a good position to be safe this week.
  3. Team Boogie – If Shane keeps to his word (which he shouldn’t) Frank is safe. Even though Ian proved he was there to compete– Jen failed to prove to me that she’s a competitor.
  4. Team Janelle – I would be concerned for Janelle as well as her houseguests. Hopefully if Shane is smart he’ll target her players (specifically Joe & Will).

“Thin Ice” Isn’t In The Picture For Team Britney

Shane proved his athleticism once again by winning the HOH competition. It would have been a surprise if Ashley, Ian or Danielle would have won. I wonder how drastically this will change for the upcoming week. Will there be new alliances formed? Do we get to see a battle between both Team Boogie & Janelle? Or will Shane put up Danielle for eviction to get rid of her and her coach? What do you think will happen this upcoming week?

Another America’s Vote But With A Twist

America, do we want to see the coaches given the opportunity to play the game again and have a shot at a half million dollars? My personal opinion – NO! Because, they signed up to be coaches so they should remain as coaches. However if they’d like to have this “twist” play out, maybe reintroduce “Pandora’s Box” as well as “Coup d’état.” This is where a houseguest is chosen by America or from a separate competition, preferably a competition of endurance and the winning houseguest is given a choice to open “Pandora’s Box.” If they choose to open it, that houseguest announces the coaches come back into play, but the houseguest who opened “Pandora’s Box” will get the power of “Coup d’état” where they can replace a HOH nominees with their own two nominations before the final five. That would be a great twist and I would definitely be glued to watching.

Vote on for whether you’d like to see the coaches come back in the game or not! You’ve heard my opinion and I can’t wait to see what America thinks.

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Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He auditioned for Big Brother 13 and 14. He graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets around Detroit like as an extra in Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email