Big Joe doesn’t feel like dancing anymore.

Feeling a little sheepish while on the set of a video shoot demonstrating the milestones in NFL endzone celebrations — Detroit Lions tight end Joseph Fauria said, “I should have never f**king danced” laughing during an outtake.

In the SI Extra Mustard video Fauria knocks out a bunch of celebrations. He does everything from “The Handshake” to “The Salsa” and favorites in-between including “The Ickey Suffle” and “The Sharpie Shooter”.

In the 2013 season Fauria scored a handful of touchdown unveiling his ‘N Sync “Bye Bye Bye” and a Miley Cyrus-esque twerk. He quickly became an Internet sensation with his moves.

Joseph Fauria Executes Another Touchdown Dance, Channels ‘N Sync
What Did Jim Schwartz Think About Joe Fauria’s First NFL Touchdown Dance?

Keep Dancing Joe

Most Lions fans are happy to tolerate any dance Fauria wants to step out with … as long as the offense is putting points on the board. Well, maybe twerking crossed the line a little.




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