By: Evan Jankens

If you were a free agent in the NFL would you want to sign with the Detroit Lions?

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Think about it for a moment before you say “of course not.” The practice facility is amazing, players love Jim Caldwell and you really aren’t in the national media spotlight. Those all sound like appealing features for a NFL free agent.

Earlier in March, Okung visited with the Detroit Lions, Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants.

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Okung eventually signed with the Denver Broncos.

According to Sports Illustrated, it appears that Okung never really wanted to play in Detroit anyway.

The Lions showed the most concrete interest and offered a similar first year to what he eventually signed in Denver (albeit with more security): $1 million signing bonus, $1 million guaranteed salary, $2 million of per-game roster bonuses and $2.5 million in playing time and playoff incentives.

Okung, who represented himself in the free agency process, ultimately made a call to a team he wanted to play for.

Not overjoyed with either the marketplace or the prospect of signing with Detroit, Okung started reaching out to other teams. He preferred to stay close to the West Coast, having played his entire career in Seattle, and noted the Broncos’ culture of success, Ryan Clady’s uncertain status and the team’s desire last year to acquire Joe Thomas.

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Do you blame Okung for the choice he made?