DETROIT (WWJ) – If you lost all of the food in your refrigerator as a result of the power outage, can you get a voucher from DTE Energy?

Simple answer: No.

A spokeswoman for DTE told WWJ’s Vickie Thomas Wednesday that the $45 food voucher you may have heard about to reimburse residents whose groceries spoiled is nothing more than a rumor.

However, standards set by the Michigan Public Service Commission require electric customers to receive a $25 credit if they are without power for more than 120 hours — a five full days — under “catastrophic conditions.”

A catastrophic condition is defined as an event that results in an interruption of 10 percent or more of a utility’s customers, or an official state of emergency. At the peak of the power outage, more than 800,000 DTE customers were without service. [More on eligibility/how to apply for a credit].

For customers who lost power for one to four days, no financial compensation is being offered by the utility.

Frank Williams — a west side Detroit resident who lost power during the windstorm — said Wednesday that electrical service to his home on Asbury Park has been partially restored.

“A workout; it’s been a mental and physical workout, without a doubt,” he told Thomas. “I would say for those that have power, if you could give a helping hand, help somebody out.”

While still dealing with a brownout, Williams said he thanks God for the little things.

“Amen! I mean, I felt black and white this weekend, seriously,” he said. “I was far from digital. I was absolutely analogue this weekend.”

As of Wednesday morning, DTE said fewer than 2,000 customers remained in the dark.

  1. Al Cackowski says:

    hilarious.. they won’t spend money to keep their infrastructure in good shape, and you think they’re going to give you money back?

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