By: Evan Jankens

There’s all this talk about LaVar Ball, when all the talk should be about his son Lonzo Ball who was selected second overall by the L.A. Lakers in the 2017 NBA Draft.

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Back in March, LaVar decided to put his foot in his mouth by claiming he could beat arguably the best basketball player to ever lace up a pair of sneakers, Michael Jordan, in a game of one-on-one.

“I would just back (Jordan) in and lift him off the ground and call a foul every time he fouls me when I do a jump hook to the right or the left,” Ball said. “He cannot stop me one-on-one. He better make every shot ’cause he can’t go around me. He’s not fast enough. And he can only make so many shots outside before I make every bucket under the rim.”

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Michael Jordan has finally spoken out about the situation and he didn’t sugarcoat his feelings. While speaking Monday in California, Jordan buried Ball.

“You got to understand the source. I think he played college, maybe? He averaged 2.2 points a game. Really?

“It doesn’t deserve a response, but I’ma give it to you because you asked the question. I don’t think he could beat me if I was one-legged.”

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This is great. I’m sure it will only make LaVar speak out again, but when Michael Jordan throws shade your way, it might be wise to just crawl into a hole and not show your face for a little while.