By Carol Cain

By CBS Detroit

Incumbent Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, who is hoping to win re-election on Nov. 7 against State Sen. Coleman A Young II, talked about it and his day job in an exclusive web-only “Michigan Matters” interview.

Duggan, 59, discussed the bid submitted last week for Amazon’s new headquarters, which has 50,000 jobs tied to it. and he offered his thoughts on the Motor City’s chances of winning the national beauty contest.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and Michigan Matters host, Carol Cain (Photo credit: Juwan Outlaw, CBS 62/CW50 intern)

He also talked about China, which he visited with Gov. Rick Snyder, and the global stage and how Detroit can compete.

Duggan, who won resoundingly in August’s primary with Detroit voters, said he isn’t taking anything for granted in the race against Young.

Duggan also talked about the Obama administration and how Vice President Joe Biden was in Detroit regularly.

Duggan then talked about the Trump administration and Dr. Ben Carson, who is the HUD director, who has been spending time in the Motor City.

Duggan appeared with Carol Cain, CBS 62 Senior Producer of “Michigan Matters,” in the web-exclusive interview.

You can also hear from Duggan and State Sen. Coleman A. Young II as they took turns in the hot seat to answer questions from Carol Cain in an exclusive broadcast of “Michigan Matters” which aired Oct. 22 on CBS 62.

  1. Bob Koch says:

    Why is Young II even a candidate? I thought we got rid of the monarchy in the 1700’s. There is over 8 million people in this state and there is nobody else that can run? Same with the Feds, 330 million and we and all that we could come up with is Clintons & Bushs?

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