DETROIT (WWJ) – A man who chased down and held a suspected arsonist at gunpoint in Detroit earlier this month thought he would be commended for his actions. Instead, he was busted for weapons violations charges.

The St. Clair Shores man is known for chasing fires and shooting video of firefighters in action, sometimes streaming it live on social media. He even took a video of his citizen’s arrest earlier this month, which was viewed thousands of times before it was taken down Monday night.

In the video, the man says he chased after a woman he suspected of arson, caught her and initiated a citizen’s arrest, detaining her until authorities arrived. He used a handgun, and allegedly had an expired concealed weapons permit.

He thought he might receive an award for his effort but instead police reportedly raided his home, and seized his car and electronics. On Sunday, he was arrested by Grosse Pointe Farms Police for not having a valid concealed weapons permit.

The man isn’t being named because he has not been formally charged.

Steve Neavling, operator of local watchdog website Motor City Muckraker, claims the man was being retaliated against because he exposed Detroit Fire Chief Robert Shinske for violating department policy by using a city vehicle to visit a Dearborn bar.

Neavling writes, “Under Michigan law, residents are allowed to make a citizen’s arrest “if the person to be arrested has committed a felony.” Since arson is a felony, prosecutors would need to prove Haggart had a gun and lacked reasonable suspicion that the arsonist posed a serious threat to anyone.”


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  1. Talk about the cops overstepping. Take his car and electronics? Yeah, this was retaliation. No doubt about it.

    1. Yep, this is disgusting to say the least.

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