DETROIT (WWJ) – It could possibly be the most frightening thing you hear about this Halloween: there’s a chance of snow.

That’s right. Forecasters say there will be scattered rain Tuesday morning across metro Detroit. Combine that with temperatures in the high 30s and there’s a chance we could see some snow.

Luckily the threat of wintry weather will be over by the time trick-or-treating rolls around. Be sure to bundle up though, as temperatures will stay steady in the 30s all night. Factor in a slight wind chill and it’s going to feel even colder.

Here’s a look at the hourly forecast for Halloween:

7 am — Cloudy 39F
8 am — Cloudy 39F
9 am — Mostly cloudy 37F
10 am — Mostly cloudy 38F
11 am — Mostly cloudy 39F
12 pm — Mostly cloudy 39F
1 pm — Mostly cloudy 40F
2 pm — Mostly cloudy 41F
3 pm — Cloudy 41F
4 pm — Mostly cloudy 42F
5 pm — Cloudy 42F
6 pm — Mostly cloudy 41F
7 pm — Mostly cloudy 40F
8 pm — Cloudy 39F
9 pm — Cloudy 39F
10 pm — Cloudy 38F
11 pm — Cloudy 38F
12 pm — Cloudy 37F
1 am — Cloudy 37F
2 am — Cloudy 36F

Know before you go: Keep it tuned to WWJ Newsradio 950 for the latest forecast during traffic and weather, every 10 minutes on the 8s. See the live, local radar now at this link.


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