DETROIT (WWJ) – A retired Toledo police officer was moved to help the homeless in Detroit after hearing the story of “Honest Abe” right here on WWJ.

Newsradio 950 Reporter Mike Campbell connected with Honest Abe Wednesday morning and posted a Tweet in addition to the story of Abe Hagenstein’s challenge to get shelter for his dog and himself for the night.

He sits at the intersection of Eight Mile and Woodward with his dog “Lucky.” Honest Abe says he doesn’t go to a shelter because there just aren’t enough beds to accommodate all the people …

“I can’t go anyway ’cause of the dog, so we have no choice when it’s times like this – we have to get a hotel room. That’s it. There is no other option.”

Arrow Osborn, from Ohio heard the story on WWJ and was moved to help. He drove to Detroit to find Hagenstein and ended up paying for a motel for him and two others.

“They’re human beings,” said Osborn. “You have to have a caring heart. It’s cold out here.”

He says he’s been helping the homeless in the Cass Corridor area for years.

Temperatures have dropped dramatically this week — hitting the sub-zero range Wednesday – with more bitter cold expected through the end of the year.


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