DETROIT – It appears that the back-and-forth of ‘will he or won’t he’ be the next head coach of the Lions may be over.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reporting that the Detroit Lions’ next coach may be New England Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia.

At the beginning of the last week it looked like Patricia was a lock for the Lions job. Multiple reports were suggesting the defensive coordinator would finally leave New England and join Bob Quinn — who he has a “very good relationship” with — in Detroit.

Sources say that the Lions still need to work out the contract details after the Patriots’ season ends. If 43-year-old Patricia joins the Lions he will be reuniting with former Patriots personnel man and current Lions general manager Bob Quinn.

Detroit publicly announced six interviews for the head coach position job including — Green Bay associate head coach Winston Moss, and Lions offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter.

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  1. Don’t know who penned this article but “At the beginning of last week” NY sports talking heads claimed Patricia “PREFERRED” the Giants job because of reasons and hunches of what they personally want to take the job. Reports now give evidence that Bob Quinn informed the other candidates that they were not the choice already. It implies that Patricia’s call was different and there was a verbal agreement of some sort between parties.

  2. Sorry Lions fans. Anybody that comes from Billichecks coaching tree has not done well. Get ready for spying on teams. Phones being wire tapped.

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