(WWJ) After he was outed on WWJ.com for making what many considered to be offensive comments on Facebook about Larry Nassar’s sentencing judge, more inflammatory remarks allegedly from Senate candidate Michael Saari’s past surfaced.

And then he suddenly dropped out of the race.

Saari, a Canton Township Republican who was running for the state Senate seat now held by Republican Mike Kowall, called Nassar’s judge a “feminazi” after she took the sexual predator to task for molesting at least 156 young girls. She sentenced Nassar to up to 175 years behind bars, and said gleefully she was signing the doctor’s death warrant.

Under fire for his posts, Facebook users uncovered more shocking posts from Saari’s past, one where he appears to defend child molestation as a natural thing for men to do.

A post attributed to him says, “Don’t make it sound like men that are attracted to 12 year olds are sick.”

There were also racist posts attributed to him.

After screen shots were posted all over social media, Saari announced that he was dropping out of the race. He deleted both his personal Facebook page and the page that supported his run for Senate.

He told patch.com for a Thursday story that he was dropping out of the race, though he denied he had posted the racist or sexual abuse comments. He said those things were not in his character.

“I am going to recuse myself. I’m dropping out of the race,” Saari said, adding he was “almost a shoo-in” for the senate seat.   .

He added: “I don’t want chaos in my community. I don’t want hatred in my community. I care enough about my community to step back.”

  1. He didn’t delete his facebook, just changed 1st name to Mike. I feel like authorities should check his home computer if he thinks sex with children is natural!!!!

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