BLUE SPRINGS — Like most kids, one Blue Springs boy is counting down the days until Christmas.

But unlike most kids, it’s a holiday he celebrates year-round.

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Inside a Blue Springs home, one bedroom looks a lot like the North Pole 365 days a year.

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Inside a Blue Springs home, one bedroom looks a lot like the North Pole 365 days a year.

If seeing is believing, you better believe eight-year-old Gannon Gibb loves Christmas.

Nearly every inch of his room is filled with Christmas spirit.

“I have lots of different elves and this is the elf that I can’t touch,” said Gibb.

“Little D” is Gibb’s Elf on the Shelf, so he’s off limits.

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“Because it has magic,” explained Gibb.

Gingerbread men, snow globes, snowmen and lights.

“I have all different kinds of Nutcrackers,” voiced Gibb.

“Right here I can flip this on,” Gibb’s refers to Christmas lights.

Lots of lights surround Gibb every single day.

He even celebrates the holiday as he catches some zzz’s.

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“Because I love Christmas! Because I love making stuff and giving people stuff and hanging out with my family,” exclaimed Gibb.

His love of the holiday season knows no bounds.

“I buy every Christmas thing I can afford with my money. I have to earn it. I have two dollars right now,” Laughs Gibb’s.

Gibb’s also loves giving.

“I make presents for people, so I have lots of different things,” proclaimed Gibb.

Different tools to make gifts for his girlfriends. You heard right. He’s got two.

“This is one of my girlfriends. This is my other girlfriend,” voiced Gibb.

Gibb is thankful for the first lady in his life. His mom.

“So this is a blanket from my mom,” showed Gibb.

His mom made his North Pole hideout with hard work and scrap wood.

“Believe in magic. My mom made that for me. She made this all,” said Gibb.

She also made his brother Keaton’s room just as cool. Proving that Santa may be the guy kids want to see this time of year, but moms and dads are there to make life special day and night.

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