Today, Dr. Oz takes a closer look at videos of the most outrageous airplane meltdowns that are creating media firestorms across the internet.  From flight attendants lunging at travelers to disgruntled passengers screaming up and down the aisles, we examine what is setting people off on airplanes.

Dr. Oz also speaks to the woman whose video went viral when another passenger decided to continuously punch the back of her seat because she decided to recline.  Travel expert Dayvee Sutton weighs in on the reclining debate dividing the country and warns travelers about the new germ zone on airplanes.

Plus, the Dish crew is serving up ooey gooey recipes you will melt for.

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Comments (2)
  1. OZ ___s,

    BS to your response… It is TOTALLY disrespectful to recline into the occupant behind you …… suck it up and sit and endure what the “FRIENDLY SKYS “have given you …. UPRIGHT.

    This is one reason I never fly anymore …. ____hole passengers and AIRLINEs that don’t respect my space!!!!!

    No better than ______ tailgaters on the Interstate !!!

    The Air Lines are complicit here. If reclining takes away more than 10% of your “SPACE”……. shove it back up their _____!!

  2. Zig Sawzak says:

    I’m surprised Dr. Oz and many of the audience applauded the woman that said she would recline. Dr. Oz and the audience has usually been more respectful about issues. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Airlines have taken away space in coach so it is already tight for all of us. Reclining and reducing some other passengers space is SELFISH and RUDE.
    Those that recline in front of me get a bumpy ride if they continue to be rude after I ask them nicely. If the airlines wnat to make it uncomfortable to make more money, then they should make the seats unable to recline in coach so everyone has the same space.

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