Today, Dr. Oz investigates reports of animal attacks in suburban areas that are raising the question: are animals becoming bolder?  We reveal frightening creatures caught on tape, baring their teeth and attacking anyone in their way.  How one woman was trapped inside her home for hours as the lion sat outside her door, and a couple shares how they found their two-and-a-half-year-old caught in the grips of a coyote and had to wrestle their son away with their bare hands.

Wildlife expert Dave Salmoni explains how animals are learning to operate in heavily human-populated areas, and how to protect yourself if a wild animal attacks you.

Plus, controversial headlines about some over-the-counter items not meeting FDA standards are putting dollar discount stores under fire.  From batteries to cosmetics to lotions, Dr. Oz’s investigation squad goes undercover to find out if your favorite dollar discount store products could be unsafe.

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