LANSING (WWJ) – Michigan lawmakers are giving themselves a couple of snow days.

“Sometimes it takes the legislation a long time to make a decision, but for Randy Richardville, head of the Michigan Senate, the Republican leader, he made this one  very clear,” said WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick.

“He [Richardville] said ‘I got up this morning, looked at the weather forecast, and said we’re outta here,'” Skubick said.

The Michigan Senate will not be meeting Wednesday or Thursday. They don’t usually meet on Fridays.  Skubick said Richardville is hoping that everything will blow over quickly so they can return to work next week.

The Michigan House has also cancelled sessions, due to the snow.

Up to 12 inches of snow is expected to fall on Southeast Michigan by end of the day, Wednesday. A Blizzard Warning is in effect from 7 p.m. Tuesday through 7 p.m. Wednesday.


Comments (6)
  1. Janet Falcon says:

    It didn’t take Schneider long to become a politician — 4 weeks! I am appalled that he sent them home until next week! This is disgusting! This is what the democrats would have done and now Schneider is following suit. More need for a part-time legislature which we have now but they are getting paid for full time! I am livid! What a bunch of pansies.

  2. S Phillips says:

    This is ridiculous. All this hype and not a flake has fallen. Just another excuse by a lame state policician to get out of work. No wonder Michigan is in such dire straits with this sort of action. I say part time pay for part time employees.. Those of us who pay taxes will be at work.

  3. ME says:

    WHAT A JOKE!! Goes to show you all the great changes that are going to take place already. Same ole’, same ole’ bull! Employees are supposed to take concessions and cuts but we start the new term with stuff like this. Typical hypocrital MI government big wigs will be ustifying their fat wallets for nothing.

  4. Vivian L Allison says:

    Schneider didn’t make that decision , I am a democrat but I don’t think we should accuse the Gov. for something he did not do. Besides whats the big deal..the snow affects EVERYONE..if people can’t get to work, why keep the office open. PART TIME is a good idea but not because of the reasons you articulate.

  5. Mark A. says:

    I got up for work this morning like I always do, except it was an hour earlier. I knew it would take longer, and it did, but I don’t get paid to stay home and I wouldn’t decide that its going to be too snowy to go to work a day before the first snowflake falls. I wish I could tell MY BOSS that I’m taking the rest of the week off with pay, but I work in the private sector so thats not an option….. ridiculous!!

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