An unbelievable accident scene on a stretch of I-75 in Hamtramck.

WWJ’s City Beat Reporter Vickie Thomas reports from the scene on I-75 southbound at the Caniff-Holbrook exit that two vehicles had flipped over in the right lane and the shoulder. Vickie spoke with two heroes, a father and son team: Tim Turner and his son, Tim Jr.

“We just came around the corner and I saw the two cars flipped over,” Tim Jr. said. “So I hurried up. It was some more cars, but I heard her. But the guy seem(s) like he all right. He said his head (is) hurting.”

“What about the other people?” Vickie wanted to know.

“The other lady, we pulled her out and she(s) fine. She(s) walking around and everything.”

Two EMS units and State Police arrived on the scene. They were pretty much blocking the right lane, but the freeway remained open; cars were getting through in the left and center lane.

That stretch of I-75 has since completely re-opened.

Click here for up-to-date traffic information.

Comments (3)
  1. A Michigan Engineer says:

    Vehicle dynamics is the study of the kinematics and kinetics of moving cars. Rigid body approximations can be mathematically modeled and results computed to simulate the motion. Michigan drivers need to improve their knowledge of vehicle dynamics. They are controllers or drivers-in-the-loop and many drivers are the unstable cause of vehicle dynamics accidents. Understanding high speed, radius of curvature, Coulomb stiction, mass and inertia distribution, gravitational restoring forces, kinetic energy and dissipative work would help avoid accidents like this. Physics can help people live and survive on the highways.

  2. Dave Jakes says:

    Translation for Michigan Engineer’s comments: Pay attention and don’t drive like a rump-orifice.

  3. walter zmija says:

    However well intended, moving a person that has been involved in a traffic accident where the vehicles have been flipped over is not a good idea. Unless there is clear danger like a car fire, the best thing is to protect the scene and wait for EMS to arrive. They are trained in extracting people from vehicles. As a police officer for over 40 years (26 years as an accident investigator) it has been my exprience that the best thing to do is keep the victims calm and the scene safe until proper medical help arrives.

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