PONTIAC (WWJ) – Prosecutors have decided to charge a 12-year-old girl as an adult after she allegedly stole a gun and then used it to try to hold up a Highland Township market.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard tells WWJ’s Terri Lee that the girl, whose identity has not yet been released has been charged as an adult.

A number of factors went in to that decision including, Bouchard says, that the suspect broke into a neighbor’s house to steal the gun, tried to disguise herself and then fought with the store owner and another employee.

“Plus, it was a loaded gun, with one round chambered as well,  so it’s very lucky that didn’t discharge and hurt or kill someone,” says Bouchard.

Additional charges are expected to be filed.

  1. Matthew House, J.D. says:

    With any respect due the parents of this child, where were/are they? If these allegations are true, and the court process has not yet established that they are, why do we care more about the fact that parents help a struggling child with a spelling test than we care that they keep their kid from committing an armed robbery. It is time for society and the law to require more of inadequate, neglectful, and downright stupid parents. If a child commits an armed robbery at the age of 12, or any age, the parents’ inadequacy should never be far from the discussion. We must hold parents accountable and force the bad ones to step up their skills in the most important job they will ever have. Please see the video I prepared on the topic: http://bit.ly/f7aGXG and, if the girl is guilty, hold accountable what will prove to be despicable parents.

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