Florida Pastor: Regardless Of Court Decision, I’ll Protest

DEARBORN (WWJ) – The controversial Florida Reverend Terry Jones made an appearance in a Dearborn courtroom as the prosecutor demands he put up cash to cover police costs before a protest in at a Dearborn mosque Friday.

“This is just another tactic to stop us from doing what we want to do…we have already made it very, very clear that our demonstration there is very peaceful, we have no intention in doing anything that is provocative,” says Jones outside of the Dearborn courtroom.

The sound of a shouting match outside Dearborn’s 39th District court after Jones’ court appearance.

Jones appeared in court, where the prosecutor requested he put up a “peace bond” before his rally Friday at a mosque in Dearborn. 

Prosecutors and police fear a riot could occur, but Jones, who has burned a Koran in the past, says his protest will be peaceful.

“Our message is to the Muslim community, is one of welcome and warning, if they are here in America legally, their rights are protected under the First Amendment, that’s not a problem, they can worship as they please, they can build mosques, they can evangelize, we just expect for them to honor and obey the constitution of the United States,” says Jones.

Jones will be back before the judge at 8:30 Friday. 

Jones says regardless of the court’s decision, he’ll still protest.

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  • Sally

    After the quote by Jones starting “Our message is to the Muslin community,…” What exactly is it Jones wants to protest? It has already been proven that Dearborn is not under sharia law contrary to the reports of such on the infallible internet. I believe the Oklahoma City bomber was a Caucasian American born here in America. That that mean that all American born Caucasians are terrorists? It is totally unfair to label an entire class or group of people as adhering to one mind about anything. Mr Jones should get back into his Bible and learn forgiveness and tolerance. Not only read but the important part is to practice forgiveness and tolerance. Isn’t his fifteen minutes of fame up yet?

  • TaterSalad

    The Imam standing next to the pastor, Terry Jones has been caught in a lie! Jesus is NOT mentioned in the Qur’an many times as he states! Why would he say this lie? Ask him if he and C.A.I.R., a terrorist supporting organization, will deny Israel the right to exist? They will flat out tell you ………..NO! Nice religion huh?

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