DETROIT (WWJ) – Supporters of an effort to recall Governor Rick Snyder seized the opportunity on Tuesday to gather more signatures during a Detroit Federation of Teachers rally.

Karen Teegarden is part of the Recall Snyder campaign. She said they gained most momentum in July, collecting 300,000 signatures.

“In the beginning, we were just going everywhere,” said Teegarden. “Now, we’ve targeted certain types of events and areas where we’re more likely to get people who were predisposed to signing.”

Because they group started out slowly, they did not get the 800,000 signatures needed before the deadline to get the recall on the November ballot.

“We have just simply moved the 90-day window that is required to get the signatures,” said Teegarden. “We have until the end of September to gather the signatures and every week, we get more signatures than the week before.”

Snyder has said that he isn’t bothered by the recall effort, saying it’s “part of democracy.”

The deadline to make the February ballot is October 22.

Comments (4)
  1. Philip Garcia says:

    “The nerd is a turd”, huh? Real mature, UAW, “Michigan’s Best”! How many potential employers will see this and decide to build their next plant elsewhere? As someone involved in helping companies with site selection, I can assure you that this is sure way to scare them off.

  2. Jim says:

    Instead of trying to recall the Governor, try recalling the clowns who approved the Detroit “free lunch” program. I’m tired of the “something for nothing” mentality that is prevelant in this Washington administration. If you got it, I want it!

  3. Harvey says:

    Let’s recall all the DFT jerks who for how many years have been holding Detroit children to the lowest standards in the US. It’s time to fire them all and get teachers who can pass the SATs themselves.

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