By Vickie Thomas

ROMULUS (WWJ) – A special meeting has been called by the Airport Authority Board for Monday after demands that embattled CEO Turkia Mullin step down.

In the midst of a severance scandal, at least two members of the board are making it clear publicly they want Mullin gone.

Among them is Wayne County Commissioner Bernard Parker.

“She can no longer be effective. Unless I hear something real different than what I’ve been hearing up to this point, I think we need new leadership,” said  Parker.

Parker said he expects the board to hold a special meeting Monday to discuss Mullin’s professional fate.

“I know that I’ve talked to many of the employees there and they are not doing all they can do to advance the airport just because they think that her leadership is not credible,” he said.

WWJ’s Vickie Thomas reports the controversy is growing now that a Southfield firm hired to conduct the national CEO search has been discovered to have ties to Mullin to the tune of $26 million in a land deal for the Pinacle race course.

Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano issued the following statment on Friday:

“Turkia Mullin is very talented and resourceful, but unfortunately the situation she finds herself in has become an obvious distraction that will continue into the foreseeable future. I am disheartened that the promise the board saw in her has diminished.

My vision for Aerotropolis has always been to have a strong leader at the helm. I believe under the current situation this has been compromised. When the Board meets next week they should proceed with what is best for the continued success of the airport and this region.”

On Thursday, Ficano said Mullin, who had been employed as the county’s Economic Development Director, returned the controversial severance pay she received after leaving that job for her new one at the airport.

Ficano has said that protocol was not followed in approving Mullin’s payout. Two county employees were suspended and another was fired.

Meantime, the FBI is investigating.

Comments (2)
  1. Carl says:

    If the airport decides to replace the position with someone else, can she then receive a severance package?

  2. dieshard says:

    Either way it goes>>she stays>>>she leaves>>>>this btchi is gonna get a sweet payout from the county!!! That sucks just like turkia and company???

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