Demonstrators To Protest Near Governor’s Home Over Emergency Manager Law

DETROIT (WWJ) – A protest over Michigan’s emergency manager law is expected outside Governor Rick Snyder’s Ann Arbor area home Monday afternoon.

Among those spearheading the effort is the pastor of Detroit’s King Solomon Baptist Church, the Reverend Charles Williams, who says busloads of people will be there from around the state.

Williams and others including Congressman John Conyers urge citizens to sign petitions to put a referendum on the ballot on the emergency manager law.

“We are organizing this event to march at Rick Snyder’s house on Dr. Martin Luther King day to let the world know again that we will not stand idly by and allow him to take over our areas. We all understand that this legislation that -50% of African-Americans vote across the state of Michigan will be dismissed,” said Williams.

A spokesperson for the governor, Sara Wurfel,  says the  governor supports citizens’ right to protest, calling it “part of democracy in action.”

Sarah Wurfel says there’s been a lot of misinformation about the emergency manager law.  She says they hope people will take time to consider the full picture of the crises  and dire circumstances we’re facing in some of these communities.


  • REB

    Why don’t we jjust let Detroit file bankruptcy and let the chips fall where the will as this city has been mismanaged under democrates ever since Coleman Young became mayor. Wake up citizens of Detroit and ask yourself why you have continually voted in people who only stuff their own pockets and really don’t care about the everyday citizen. The governor knows that and so do all the people outside of Detroit but the Citizens think they know best and the truth be told they don’t

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  • Jim

    Let Charles Pugh manage the city. He has done such a wonderful job of managing his own finances. I’m just suggesting! Hey Chuck, I’m sure you’ll blame the bank for your problems.

  • Rick

    LOL. Yep its all Rick Snyders fault. The city is such a joke. If it were not for sports stadiums the suburbanite would rarely set foot in the city. Its too bad they didn’t build the new fields in Dearborn. At least there people care.

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