ANN ARBOR (WWJ) – Hundreds of people protested Monday outside of Governor Rick Snyder’s Washtenaw County home in opposition to the state’s Emergency Manager Law.

WWJ Newsradio 950’s Beth Fisher reports that demonstrators say the law is racially biased and targets communities and school districts that are mostly black.

Shannon McEvely, who is also with Occupy Detroit, helped organize the protest.

“This emergency manager law is an anathema to everything that Dr. King stood for and fought for so many years ago, we are here -trying to continue King’s legacy of equality and progress and we are standing up and saying “no, to turning the clock back”, on progress in terms of voting  rights and representation,” said McEvely.

Tiffany Burrows of Ann Arbor was there with her daughter.

“So I’m going on this -because especially for the day, I mean Dr. King, he fought long and hard for this an being able to stand up for your rights – the recall – I’m really bringing my daughter because I want her to know what it’s all about early – early on and know that she can stand up for what she believes in,” said Burrows.

There was a strong police presence at the protest and the road to the governor’s home was closed.


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  1. Mors Hostibus says:

    This is not about blackness or poverty or even about “the MAN” tellin’ us what it is. This is simply the public sector unions wildly grasping for power as it slips from their greedy and corrupt grasp.

    Unions give massive amounts of money to corrupt democrat politicians and almost none to conservatives. The unions control the democrats with the money that they extort from the public through their share of government worker’s wages. The public makes less than half of what the union worker takes from them. Teachers, cops, firemen, city workers ….are no longer the Norman Rockwell painting….they are leftist, anticapitalist, grasping users that know that the deals the democrats give them ARE UNSUSTAINABLE BUT THEY DO NOT CARE…

    1. Tim Hurley says:

      Well…I s’pose that’s one point of view. However, your logic escapes me. Blaming unions for the poor economy is just what the power elite wants. It riles them to believe that we perceive the web they weave and would much rather pit the American Middle Class against each other while their rape & pillage of the economy continues unabated. The poor state of our economy is not a right/left issue. Politicians on both sides of the aisle created this as the hired guns for corporations hell-bent on maximizing shareholder profits and egregious executive bonuses at the expense of most everyone else. They’re like the evil kid who sets up a Mike’s Hard Lemonade stand on the front lawn of a treatment facility and then laughs all the way to the bank as patients relapse and check themselves into the hospital for more ineffective treatment. A cursory perusal of any big city budget in Michigan will uncover enough corruption, waste, fraud & mismanagement to effectively neuter your tired, old, lame argument parroting ill informed tea-baggers that the “unions are to blame”

      1. Mors Hostibus says:

        Tim: Your comment failed entirely to come to grips with my arguement. Two reasons: you could not or would not. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and allow you to claim dishonesty rather than stupidity. Dishonesty can be fixed.

        Again I did not mention the economy once. You brought that up and it has nothing to do with the corrupt pact between the democrats and the public sector unions. This corruption has been running through every economic cycle. Unions give money to dems and dems agree to the insane demands of wage increases, gold plated healthcare and royal retirements. That is corruption. Corruption is devastating to cities.

        Your comments are not only non sequitors but have no support. Your leftist “Occupy” blither has no evidence. The sad fact is that leftist occupy types is that they actually belive that “shareholders” are “one percenters” which is totally wrong. All Americans who work for a living are very likely shareholders, either through owning stocks, bonds, mutual funds or through their retirement accounts. The leftist occupy crowd, who’s lies you parrot, blame business and business has nothing to do with the devil pact between governement unions and democrat politicians.

        Look closely at America’s worst cities, all were beautiful, safe and prosperous until they were taken over by democrats and unions forty years ago. Look at these hell holes now; forty years of dems and unions bleeding them dry and driving businesses and jobs to non union states and they become dangerous, jobless, hopeless, ignorant democrat ant farms. Dems are breeding more dems by destroying prosperity.

        Your comments on alcohol to addicts is a silly appeal to emotion and is entirely off of the topic of dems’ and unions’ corruption.

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