Julie Chen’s “homeskillet” is back in power as HOH. Which really means Chilltown 3.0 is controlling the game and, quite frankly, I’m sick of it. However I do enjoy judging these houseguests on their game play as well as not really making big moves for themselves. Last time I checked, only one person wins $500,000, not two. Granted, having an alliance is nice but these houseguests should fight for themselves and not others. Sunday’s episode for me was a bit of a snooze fest however there were some highlights.

Sour Feelings For The “Have Not” Competition

I found it very interesting that Ian didn’t volunteer to be a “have not” this time around and he actually competed. The sexual innuendoes during the competition were hilarious. Danielle’s discomfort for having Jenn being on top of her was unnecessary to bring up. If Big Brother was trying to start a conversation … it’s not working because the show has barely done a segment on Jenn, except for the coming out segment in a previous episode. So If Big Brother wants to start a conversation … show more of Jenn and Wil having to deal with their sexual identity in the house, then you’d get some conversations started.

Regarding the “bromance” between Frank & Boogie as well as the “shomance” of Shanielle — I’m surprised nothing has evolved yet from Shanielle other than their countless flirting and their two kisses. Danielle is getting a little bit full of herself saying she’s a catch, especially since she’s only one of four ladies left in the house. Also Shane having a male bonding moment with Frank & Ian over the ladies that have left was a funny bit. Wil didn’t want any part of that.

Thank you America, I was right once again on predicting America’s Choice – Candy Canes & Cod! I’m surprised Danielle doesn’t like fish, she’s from the South and you can fry the cod with slop to make some fish and chips sans the chips. I couldn’t stop laughing at Britney because she became the first “coach” and former houseguest this season to go on slop.

Dan In Danger?

Frank isn’t afraid of putting Dan on the block? Hopefully Dan doesn’t get “backdoored” like Janelle. Boogie does applaud Frank for being a bit gutsy. It would be a smart move for Frank but in the end he didn’t follow through with the plan due to it being too early to backstab the “Silent Six” alliance. I was surprised Dan didn’t catch on earlier during his conversation with Boogie & Frank in the HOH room. It’s safe to say Dan is still a threat to the houseguests and as I said in my previous breakdown, Dan needs to stop playing as a “weak” player and start playing for his place in the house.

My Top Three Houseguests

  1. Boogie – I really dislike that I have to consider him a top player but he’s currently running the house with his little puppet Frank as HOH. I would be weary for next week because if Boogie or Dan doesn’t win, expect Boogie on the chopping block with Frank. They’re both strong competitors, strong in the aspect of their social game, but as far as physical challenges — the jury is still out on that. They have been able to manipulate the other houseguests into doing whatever they want, or in this case what Boogie wants.
  2. Frank – Sitting pretty as HOH, he’s got power in this house this week. Next week, he should fully expect to be on the block or if not then expect a “backdoor” scenario. He’s been dodging bullets thanks to Boogie, but how long will that last? Also he’s smart to get Dan out, but he’s relying on Boogie’s previous game play in the house to cloud his judgement. Frank should have put Dan up to cloud the “Silence Six” alliance and to put Dan in the hot seat. We’ll see if the POV competition changes anything.
  3. Wil – Making bold statements and being intuitive are definite signs of a strong player in this house. Granted he hasn’t really been HOH or POV but he’s definitely observant and watching what’s going on. For Boogie, he’s threatened by Wil’s intuitions and bold statements. So it was an obvious choice for Frank to put Wil up for eviction. We’ll see if Wil can muster up some skills during the POV competition and prove himself as a competitor.

My Bottom Three Houseguests

  1. Dan – So this game changes week to week. Right now, Dan is definitely in the danger zone! Frank has called him out as a threat and unless Dan competes in the POV, as I said earlier, Michigan may see Dan sooner rather than later. The “Silent Six” alliance may soon crumble as they were just being formed.
  2. Jenn – Are they just filling space in this Big Brother house? My pre-season pick was Jenn. I thought she’d be like Nakomis (Season Five & Season 7: All Stars) where she’d be playing the game well and getting air time. But Jenn has fallen by the wayside and is a “floater.” I want to like her but she hasn’t done anything exciting. I hope she does something soon or she can start packing her bags for the Jury house because there is no way she’ll be in the final two.
  3. Ashley – This girl is just getting by. I understand that she had some back spasms but she’s definitely just coasting — which is what she wanted. If she wants a real shot at the half million dollars, she’ll need to win HOH and POV competitions soon or she too can start packing her bags for the Jury house.

My Prediction For The POV Competition

I think Frank will win POV. The past two HOHs (Shane & Danielle) have won and then replaced their nominees. So in keeping with that trend I foresee the same thing happening with Frank. Frank wins POV this week and then nominates Dan. But this is speculation and I can’t wait to see what actually happens. However a nice little spoiler, ZingBot 3000 makes a cameo for Wednesday’s episode, so keep your eyes peeled for him! I can’t wait to hear all his “ZINGS,” for the new houseguests as well as for Dan, Boogie and Britney.

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Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He auditioned for Big Brother 13 and 14. He graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets around Detroit like as an extra in Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email 


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