By Mark Drum
CBS Detroit Blogger

For die hard Big Brother Fans, Double Evictions are what we long for during the game because it speeds up the game all in an hour. We finally see true colors from some of the houseguests and we also see quick strategy play all while Julie Chen is trying to wrangle the houseguests. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time watching hoping and wishing that Frank and Boogie would be eliminated together. But that didn’t pan out.

Ian Exposes Himself

How crazy was Boogie’s exit? It was definitely in typical Boogie fashion, leaving with a bang! However, you could tell he left a bit defeated and he was. It was nice to see him leave and finally see a personality that wasn’t over the top and something real.

I definitely think when the houseguests are in the house their personalities are over personified and tested, all the while millions of viewers are tuning in. So as much as I disliked Boogie in the house, he’s probably a good guy outside of the house.

I throughly enjoyed Boogie’s goodbye messages, it was bittersweet to say the least. The big surprise was Ian whispering to Boogie that he was the one that voted against him and admitting to the plan in the goodbye message.

All Boogie could do was tip his hat and know that he was outplayed by the very same strategy he has done in the game.

Fast Forward Week – Frank Is The New Janelle

Ian winning HOH wasn’t a surprise, though I wish it would have been Britney as I tried to predict. If Ian was smart he would have “backdoor” Frank. Frank is now what Janelle has been famously known for in this game. Winning competitions under pressure and escaping the chopping block.

Frank is a proven competitor in this game and the houseguests have had time and time again to evict him. Frank winning POV was bittersweet for me because I really wanted to see him leave but I was happy that he was fighting for his life to stay in the game.

Then instead of Ian making a power move, Ian in my opinion played it safe putting up Joe as Frank’s replacement. Sadly, by a huge margin of vote Ashley was eliminated and the first jury member. Hopefully Ashley will enjoy being sequestered and her back will heal for the Finale.

Predictions for HOH

After watching last night’s episode was a precursor of what’s to come it will not be a surprise to see Frank win HOH for the third time. However, I could be completely wrong and I hope either Dan or a floater (Jenn or Joe) will win.

I would enjoy a floater to win because then it’ll break the Quack Pack up. If Frank is HOH his main two targets are quite obvious, Dan and Shane. Now if he was smart he wouldn’t be both up and just “backdoor” one of the two. It may not be the “fair” way to get someone evicted, but who ever said Big Brother was “fair”?

My Top Three Houseguests

  1. Frank – the new Janelle and he’s fighting to stay in this game. However if Frank is the new Janelle, then he’ll just have to settle for third place since Janelle has yet to win this game and was evicted 4th (but 1st from the reset and the 5th person out of the house) this season. I may not have liked Frank while Boogie was in the house, but he’s now fighting to win and reap vengeance for Boogie and Ashley.
  2. Britney – she’s definitely dodging the bullets from Frank but that’s working to her favor. Hopefully she’ll start winning competitions to save herself before she gets sent packing to Jury House.
  3. Jenn – she may be a floater but she’s definitely safe. Her gameplay this week was a bit unnecessary but we finally got to see a fuel lit under her to fight to stay in this game.

My Bottom Three Houseguest

  1. Dan – I would put him at the top three, but it seems like Dan will be fighting for his life to stay in this game for here on out. The Quack Pack I believe has seen its last. There are only so many HOHs they can win before the other side becomes in power and if my prediction is correct, Dan will definitely have to fight to stay in this game.
  2. Shane – Was so close to getting Frank gone multiple times out of this house, however has failed at each attempt. He was also close during the Fast Forward Week POV competition but missed the opportunity by a few seconds and a clover being thrown out of his patch area. He could have one if he noticed that one of his clovers fell from his box area and could have sealed Frank’s fate, but failed. Shane does have the opportunity to win HOH again but I don’t have my hopes up for that.
  3. Ian – If I was Ian I would start doing damage control with his actions. He may be seen as an “innocent” houseguest in Frank’s eyes, but he’s going to have to explain to Frank why he did what he did before Dan, Shane, Britney or Danielle do. In the Quack Pack totem pole, Ian would be the first to be thrown under the bus. So hopefully, if Ian, the super fan has been studying this game, will start to make amends with Frank and start a new alliance or deals for Final Two scenarios.

Definitely a lot to talk from last night’s episode and I’m looking forward to Sunday. We’ll see who wins this week’s HOH, who’ll be nominated, who are the Have Nots and what America’s Choice vote was. Also when will we see a luxury competition? It should be soon and I wonder what that will be! Let’s hope our hometown houseguest Dan is safe for another week. Don’t forget to tune in to CBS Detroit 62 at 8pm Sunday to see what happens next!

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Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He auditioned for Big Brother 13 and 14. He graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets around Detroit like as an extra in Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter /Facebook / Email 


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