I couldn’t stop laughing when watching tonight’s episode of Big Brother! These newbies are so gullible towards Dan or as Britney dubbed “Mistified.” Shane thinks Dan played a dirty game as well as Frank, but who ever said Big Brother was clean or fair or morally just? Do these houseguest forget what they signed up for? Britney having the only right mind while in the jury is right, it’s about who PLAYED THE GAME and that person is Dan Gheesling. There was so much goodness in tonight’s episode, let me break it down for you. Are you ready to be “Mistified?”

Quack Pack No More

The time finally came when this alliance ended, who knew four of the five would make it this far and to think they only lost one because Dan was guaranteeing his safety. As Ian explains it there are now “two” teams, the showmance and the “new” Renegade. Let’s be honest Ian isn’t a member of the Renegade, he’s being “Mistified,” by the idea. But what Ian clearly forgets to realize is Dan & Danielle are still a team too, Dan was Danielle’s coach at the beginning and has stuck with it until now. Dan being an overachiever and super fan of this game will clearly take Danielle over Ian to the final two if he makes it. Then Dan’s plea to the jury will be the obvious; Dan played the game, accomplished his original task in getting a team member to the final two and proving a returning winner can win again.

Captain America Sheds Tears

Remember when I said I couldn’t stop laughing, well it was mainly because of this. Shane, naive Shane, you’ve been “Mistified,” by Dan’s trust. What’s worse, falling for the mist from your shomance who was also “Mistified.” Dan knew if Shane was in the final two he’d take Danielle and that didn’t sit well with Dan. Also Shane is the only one to not have a final two deal with Dan. Will I be surprised if Ian wins the last HOH and takes Dan? Of course not, that just means Danielle continues to put too much trust into her “coach” and never really played the game herself. Danielle always did what was “best” for Dan & her, but never just herself. Danielle’s reaction to Shane’s eviction was priceless, I wanted to make a meme, hallmark card, YouTube video, etc because it was just too good of the consequences of being “Mistified,” by Dan. I will give Danielle credit for winning the final POV, it goes to show under pressure a Nurse is better than an Engineering student.

Not So Zen Jury House

Poor Ashley, getting negative energy from conflicting houseguest coming into her Jury House. Britney was definitely making an effort to Frank to cool down and realize, he, Britney and soon to be Jenn & Shane have been “Mistified,” by Dan. Frank seems really bitter towards Dan and continues to use the “Bible Incident.” Fun Fact: At no point did Dan “swear on the Bible” that he would take Frank to the final two. Frank should know Dan reads his bible to mediate as well as to observe conversations but it’s never done to manipulate people. When did Big Brother get religious? Again it’s a game and I hope Frank takes some “zen time” and refocuses his energy in picking the deserving winner of this season. Which hands down (and as predicted during the reset midway point) will be Dan.

Final HOH Competition Part One Winner

Since this first one is endurance, I’m thinking it’s really up for grabs as well as who wants it the most. The person I think who wants it most is our Michigander, Dan Gheesling. There is no doubt in my mind that he would throw this competition, it’s do or be evicted time and he’s got to “Punch It In,” which is the title of his latest book which was released in July and can be found at dangheesling.com. I believe Danielle would give him a run for his money as Danielle has done well with endurance. I think Ian believes he can prove himself in part two of the HOH competition since it’ll probably be a puzzle. Then for the final round it will be trivia questions about the season.

Final HOH Competition Part Two Winner

If the final POV was any indication of what’s to come then my money is on Danielle. I think she’ll outwit Ian in the puzzle competition. Ian made some huge errors in his gameplay during the final POV competition. Danielle had the right mind-set, “slow and steady.” If Ian had implemented that mentality he could have one and I believe with his quick thinking and not analyzing throughly the puzzle will be his downfall.

Prediction Of The Final Jury Member

Mr. Ian Terry, he’s made a good run but his time and luck has run out. If Dan or Danielle win the final HOH it’s a sure-fire that they’ll take each other to the end leaving Ian to visit some old friends and be the final member of the Jury.

My America’s Vote For America’s Player

I really wish Ted the Teddy Bear was an option. Is it really fair to include Jodi? She was in the house for barely a day and giving America the option to vote for her? I understand she’s a part of the Big Brother Family, however if you remember William, Sheryl, Lori, Amanda, Mike, Ashlea, Alison, Carol, Jacob (& Sharon Technically), Brian, Braden, Annie, and Keith then you’ll know what family Jodi is really in. Jodi is a part of the first evicted (banishment for William) houseguests of Big Brother. It’s a family but one nobody likes to be in but it’s gotta be someone each season.

I digress, I was going to mention about a former survivor’s brother being left out, but he’s left in the dust. So my vote for America’s Player would be Ian Terry. He’s definitely a super fan and seems to be a really decent guy in this game. He’s tried to play this game but also make some long-lasting friendships along the way. However his biggest competition for votes would be Shane and Frank, but we’ll see on Finale Night who wins. You can vote at cbs.com until Sept 18 at 11:59 PST. I’m looking forward to Sunday’s episode to see who are the final two will be! Tune into CBS Detroit 62 at 8:30 p.m. (time change due to football game and 60 minutes airing after) Check out my bonus breakdown where I interview Chelsea Gheesling and talk with her about how she feels her husband Dan is doing in the game.

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Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He auditioned for Big Brother 13 and 14. He graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets around Detroit like as an extra in Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email 

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