By Charlie Langton

DETROIT (Talk Radio 1270) After being involved in an auto accident with Lions’ defensive tackle Ndamunkong Suh last Thursday, Steve Vines called into Charlie Langton Mornings on Talk Radio 1270 Monday to tell his side of the story.

“Next thing I know, he’s on my left side trying to pass me on the ramp and I don’t know if he just ran out of room or what, but he slammed in … even with my driver’s side mirror and all the way up to the headlights, pushing me off to the shoulder (with) him going up,” Vines said, describing the crash on the Rotunda exit of the Southfield.

They exchanged a few words and Suh drove away. Knowing the area, Vines realized that the other driver (Suh) pulled into the Lions’ Allen Park practice facility.

The issues at the center of the conversation involved whether Suh should have been ticketed for leaving the scene of an accident.

Vines said immediately after the crash he called 911, and learned that someone else, presumably Suh, had also called in the accident. Vines drove to the practice facility.

According to Vines, when he arrived at the practice facility, Suh came out and said, “I advise you to leave, now.” Vines said he wouldn’t leave and he was waiting for the police to arrive. Vines said, “I don’t give a blank what the cops said. I’m telling you — I’m advising you to leave now!”

When Vines asked for the other driver’s name the police would not give it to him.

Since officers were not able to determine fault, no tickets were issued.

Dearborn police Sgt. Ed Fries told the Detroit Free Press the Thursday morning collision was a “minor fender bender” with no injuries. Vines described the damage as more severe on the Charlie Langton Mornings show saying, “It’s all the way from the driver’s side mirror all the way to the front headlight is completely caved in. Looks like the wheel is bent. he whole side of the car was caved in.”

Should Suh have been issued a ticket for leaving the scene?

With the facts as he understands them and citing the relevant statute, Langton believes that Suh did violate the law. “He should have remained at the scene. He didn’t do that,” added Langton.

After all these events, Langton asked Vines if he’s a Lions fan. “Yes, I watched the whole game yesterday. We wouldn’t have won that game if he (Suh) didn’t get his hand up and deflect that ball in the fourth.”

What’s next for Vines? “I guess I work the next few Saturdays, save up some money and get my kid’s car fixed,” he said.

Referencing the fact that Vines doesn’t have collision insurance, Langton asked him if he plans to pursue Suh for damages. “At this point, it’s between him and whoever he talks to when he’s by himself.” Vines adds, “I’m not going to hound dog the man.”

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