ROCHESTER (WWJ) – Oakland University in Rochester says a student’s “Hot For Teacher” essay was too hot to keep him on campus.

The university is defending the suspension of a 57-year-old man over his lustful writings about an instructor.

Joseph Corlett is seeking more than $2 million for the mental anguish of being removed in 2012.

But the school, which recently filed a response to his lawsuit in Detroit federal court, says Corlett’s work violated a policy against harassment.

Corlett spoke with WWJ Legal Analyst Charlie Langton to explain his side of the story in February 2012, just after he was suspended, banned from OU’s campus, and interviewed by police following hot and bothered essays about his female professors. He ended up being escorted from class by police.

“(The teacher) has dark hair and eyes and occasionally rests her hands across her pregnant belly, wiping the sweat from her brow …(She) would teach until she dropped if not for the requisite breaks,” one essay said.

“It was never just about their bodies, that was just a small part of it,” he explained to Langton about his essays, adding, “I used nine words to describe her and of those nine words, two were ‘smart’ and ‘articulate.’”


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