NORTHVILLE (WWJ) – With Halloween just about a week away, Northville police are warning thrill-seekers not to trespass in, on or around the township’s old abandoned psychiatric hospital.

The department has increased patrols at the long-vacant facility on 7 Mile Rd., and say they will have a “zero tolerance policy” toward people who trespass.

It’s a popular spot for urban explorers, but police say the property is “incredibly unsafe,” with asbestos, damaged floors and walls and broken glass among other dangers present on site.

There is fence around the property and “No Trespassing” signs are posted. Those who are caught could face up to 90 days in jail and a $500 fine, plus court costs and administration fees.

Police have been cracking down, having already arrested about 400 people for trespassing on the property this year.

Last year, a A 28-year-old Macomb County man was charged after investigators discovered a Facebook photo of him on top of the building.

Northville Township Police Lt. Paul Tennies said the department “utilizes all resources available” to enforce compliance of trespassing — including seeking out social media posts associated with the property.

  1. they should just offer tours for a reasonable price. They’d probably make a killing. This place has been one way too many have been curious about for years (I trespassed when I was in high school – mid to late 90s). Turn it into something useful or raze it man. No way you are stopping those that are that curious!

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