(CBS DETROIT) – Detroit Police Chief James Craig is speaking out about the death of Attorney Cliff Woodards, who was killed in a crash early Monday morning after being struck by a DPD squad car.

“On behalf of the Detroit Police Department, myself, we offer our prayers and condolences to the family,” said Craig.

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According to police, officers were called for back-up around 1 a.m. while driving eastbound on the Jeffries freeway.

The marked SUV came off the exit and collided with Woodards at the intersection who was driving southbound on Chicago.

Chief Craig says early stages of the investigation suggests the officer was driving with lights and sirens but failed to stop at the light.

“What we do know now in the investigation is as they exited the freeway the police vehicle was traveling estimated speed of about 59 miles-an-hour. As they approached the intersection at Chicago there was an effort to stop and slow the police vehicle down because the intersection light was red. As they began to approach the intersection evidence is now telling us that the speed was reduced to a point of about 47-miles-an-hour. Unfortunately, they could not bring the police vehicle to a complete stop,” said Craig.

And now the facts of the investigation are raising concerns.

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“One the speed is troubling, the fact that the car could not be brought to a safe stop, or slowed the vehicle down, for where they could see. At that intersection, clearly because it was a bridge there was some obstruction. So the obstruction, the officers could not, or the driving officer could not see,” said Craig.

Chief Craig says the driving officer was justified in using the overhead lights and sirens, but the officer did not proceed with caution.

“So I have some deep concerns so we will continue our investigation. Once we’ve completed our investigation the matter will be reviewed by the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office,” said Craig.